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some bananas for you

and some mangoes too

21 March 1982
Sitting in my brother's dark, cold room with a warm cat on my lap, I think. What could I put here that would represent me in a satisfactory and informative way? Hmmm....Think of wild nature. The most exciting, dangerous, enlivening experience you have had in the wilderness, or a big storm, or when you were climbing a rock and realized that it was getting hard and there was no way you were going to get back down, or kayaking on a violent river, or being thrashed by a giant wave at the beach, or swimming around with stingrays and other cute fishies on a coral reef. That's where I'm most at home, where I am truly the person I want to be. Other than that...I'm usually spending my time searching for, or wishing I was having, the next big life-changing experience, or just having as much fun as possible. That's what life is for, anyway...uh-oh! watch out! HERE IT RRRRRRAAAAAAAWWWK bok bok buh-GOK buh-GOK buh-GOK RRRAAAAAWK RAAAAWK RRRAAAAWK RAAAAWK rrrrrrrrrr.... whew... sorrry...sometimes i get those chicken attacks...